Friday, February 15, 2008

HAND PAINTING, and other surprises...

Today we watched lots of hand painted films on 16mm--one by Jenn Reeves, one by Stan Brakhage, and ones of our very own, each one looped on the projector so we could really watch the rhythms. Watercolors ruled the day, Jon had some fancy toothbrush tricks up his sleeve, Josh experimented with handscratched optical sound, and Theo thickened the plot with goache, see here:

One place to look for inspiration is the great "RECIPES FOR DISASTER: a handmade cookbooklet" independently published collective project edited by filmmaker Helen Hill.

Plus a big inspiration for this class blog is the sixbyone blog out of Wilmington North Carolina, props to NC, thanks guys! We did the magazine transfer project too, yes in the last fifteen minutes of class we made a little collective film from scratch, so fun!!
Check it out:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Scratch My Emulsion

WE watched everyone's scratch films today. Almost everyone has the credits for their film now! They were all really beautiful, amazingly different.

Oh and this is the link to the Visual Music website

Look at Shanna's handmade film credits:

Monday, February 4, 2008


Welcome to our class blog, for the New School Media Studies and Film course called RECYCLED IMAGES AND NON CAMERA FILMMAKING. This blog is a brand new venture for this course, but hopefully we will be able to upload our various class experiments on pre-cinematic devices, direct animations, hand-painted films, and found footage collage films.

So far we have been really inspired by:

ERnie Gehr's Panorama's of the Moving Image installation at MOMA

Zoe Beloff's Philosophical Toy World website

and a webpage by Kevin T Allen of a Recycled Images Phenakistoscope workshop

Ok everybody, are you ready for a really BIG thaumotrope?