Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a little Thanksgiving fun!

Watch the hilarious "USO JUSTO" here!


jmac said...

Love it!!! I'm going to cross-ref this video on my blog . . .

P.S. Jeanne, you have to join facebook now! :)

jeanli said...

oh jeez jmac, I just can't go there --so much to keep up with!! But I have heard that someone set up a fan page for me there, yikes, I dont really want to see that . ..no seriously , since I've been concentrating on the blog I have lost track of my youtube channel and the people are clamoring for more tiny cinema ;)
Heck, I might even make a real movie again some day, who knows?
luv ya

jmac said...

I just joined your fan club on Facebook! :) More cinema!