Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Semester! New Decade!!

Greetings from Boulder Colorado, The United States of America, and a special welcome to the new generation of Recycled Images students! We all just met today for the first time and watched a couple of films dealing with afterimages.  I really love this short magical ghost-film NADJA by Brian Frye.

Zoe Beloff has a great site devoted to pre-cinematic optical devices  'Philosophical Toy World"

And for future reference, here is the  RECIPES FOR DISASTER film cookbooklet , edited and organized by the late filmmaker Helen Hill-- .

Stay tuned for some unique cinema from our new Recyclers!


yourpartnerincrime said...

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put me on the list!

John Hebert said...

Here's my url http://recyclerjh.blogspot.com/
Lets get this party started!!

michael.salka said...

My URL is http://imagerecyclingisme.blogspot.com/, sign me up pppplease!

Jake said...

Jake Gigliotti http://jake-jjjggg.blogspot.com/