Thursday, February 11, 2010

collage films? said bruce

That's right, we are still making, thinking, watching and breathing collage...

We took our first look at some found footage collage films by the recently departed SF artist Bruce Conner, notably A MOVIE ( 1958) and REPORT (1967), as we compare collage to montage. But first, here's Michael reading from his New York Times Burroughs-style CUT-UP poem--btw, I sure would love it if some people would post their cut-ups on their blogs since we unearthed some interesting poetic details about life on this planet IMHO--

Alot of people worked with the transfer method and so many collage films were heavily text based --we started with Michelle's awesome film of T.S. Eliot's J.Alfred Prufrock that she talked about on her blog--I was so transfixed that I totally forgot to shoot it (sorry Michelle).
Here are a few that I did manage to shoot :

Melissa's Cosmo Movie (materials list includes mascara)

Hogan's TAKE 1,2,3 ( movie trailer in shreds)

and Jeri's Who the F*ck Am I?--check out that keystone "cinemascope"


C. Wallace said...

Very, very cool collage, Jeri. Wish I'd been there to see this projected!

M.Myser said...

J, is there anyway i can get a file of my video from that week?
hope all's well!