Thursday, November 21, 2013


"diverse perspectives of a movable event"
Oliver Laric, Versions, 2009, single channel video
For our final night of  screening and discussions we looked at the work of artist Oliver Laric, and his various media essays all known as Versions, where he traces multiple histories of the practice of copying in art making, challenging  the notion of *the original* and leading us particularly into the present moment with the digital production and circulation of images. 

We then checked in some *very* current events via  THIS MASHUP of  Toronto mayor Rob Ford /Chris Farley   (heh, great job, internet!) 

And on to some other early 21st century media recuperations :
Keith Sanborn's  Operation Double Trouble (2003), a detourned version of a propaganda film called Enduring Freedom, originally made by the US Marines and US Navy,

Bobby Abate's One Mile per Minute (2002), which he began working on soon after the attacks of September 11th out of disgust for the corporate branding of the disaster on various news stations .

Artist-activist Joseph deLappe's intervention into the online game America's Army, Dead-in-Iraq (2006-2011) where he individually listed each American casualty of the war by name, using the games text messaging,

Peggy Ahwesh's appropriation of the game Lara Croft's Tomb Raider, She Puppet (2001 )
the earliest of  Phil Solomon's Grand Theft Auto appropriations, Crossroads (2006)
(formerly called  Untitled for DG)

She Puppet, Peggy Ahwesh ,2001

And lastly -- a couple cherries on top:
Sweet Dreams, shot on location in Second Life by yr fearless leader
*bonus track*
an inspiring and super fun new work by video/audio artist Sara Maganheimer called  MICKRYS  with numerous appearances by those pesky anthropomorphized mice.

Next and final blog post will be the student remix projects, YAY!!!!

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