Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Early Abstractions" Pt. 1 (1946-57)

I watched this scratch film and thought it was really incredible. I got it from a previous blogger. Is the work really during the 1940s through to the 50s? It's spectacular. In the beginning it looked like someone was using chopsticks to form a square. Then slowly it moved into an amazing picture that looked as thought it was being filmed. Around the four minute mark he uses a number of geometric styles with bright colors and it looks really amazing. The filmmaker really did an incredible job. 

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jeanli said...

oh right Jojo I forgot that you weren't there to see the actaul film--remind me to give you the hand-out that includes Smith's descriptions of the techniques he used, among them batik. Yes he was working very early with these methods of investigating patterns in motion.