Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Following up on Scratch my Emulsion : this Tuesday we were treated to an in-class film performance by Brian (seen at left) --OK so he did scratch his name in upside-down, *erp*, but he quickly redeemed himself by doing some risky live augmentation to his loop, using a razor blade to carve into the moving strip which also resulted in some interesting new optical sounds-- creating the experience right before our eyes , and ears! In the clip below we see the room installation and film detail:

BTW, speaking of direct sound, here's an interesting example of optical soundtrack made by the image, in this cameraless film TBTX by filmmaker Roger Beebe , and his explanation here...

Stay tuned for new posts about paint and color---one place to look for inspiration is the great "RECIPES FOR DISASTER: a handmade film cookbooklet" an independently published collective project brainchild of and edited by the late filmmaker Helen Hill, rip.

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