Thursday, March 4, 2010


Busy busy cutting at the Steenbecks and working with found film now, sharpening our scalpels and making precision cuts in bursts of three--in homage to Eisenstein, japanese haiku and the general round magic of the number 3 . I like to call them simple machines myself, which can later be assembled into larger more complex machines otherwise known as, um, films...
It would be lovely to her about everyone's edits on their individual blogs!
Here's John's:

Here's Hogan's:

Here's Michael's:

and here's Kevin Rice's (last years class)


jeanli said...

ps. They write haiku in the style of Godzilla:

yourpartnerincrime said...

godzilla haiku is excellent

khitch said...

Aah everyone did such a great job on this assignment!