Thursday, October 24, 2013


First step was found object as readymades, and now found films as objects=hello Perfect Film (1985) by filmmaker Ken Jacobs who has this to say
I wish more stuff was available in its raw state, as primary source material for anyone to consider, and to leave for others in just that way, the evidence uncontaminated by compulsive proprietary misapplied artistry, "editing", the purposeful "pointing things out" that cuts a road straight and narrow through the cine-jungle; we barrel through thinking we’re going somewhere and miss it all. Better to just be pointed to the territory, to put in time exploring, roughing it, on our own. For the straight scoop we need the whole scoop, or no less than the clues entire and without rearrangement. O, for a Museum of Found Footage, or cable channel, library, a shit-museum of telling discards accessible to all talented viewers/auditors. A wilderness haven salvaged from Entertainment."

This raw, surprising document has a long arm of influence, seen in works by contemporary artists Walid Raad and the Atlas Group, Matthew Buckingham, and Kevin Jerome Everson whose works  are all in relationship to  media, evidence and documents . Here is a work by Everson that we didn't watch called Ten Things about Vegas.

Then we were visited by Tim Roberts of Counterpath Press, who spoke to us about several of his literary projects around authorship and appropriation, such as LET HER SPEAK, the transcript of Wendy Davis' 11 hour filibuster in Texas this summer, which will also re recreated as a reading event at Counterpath , "to celebrate and extend her act of protest". Thanks Tim!!

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